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WorldSkills Americas General Assembly Buenos Aires 2017

10 March 2017

On March 21 and 22, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the next WorldSkills Americas events will be held, with the support of the UOCRA Foundation.

The General Assembly and the Technical Committee Meeting will take place on March 21 and are a platform for strategic development for the next WorldSkills Americas Competition.

The WorldSkills Americas Leaders Forum 2017 will be held on March 22, and this event brings together the Political, Business and Educational Leaders to share perspectives on the future of Education and Vocational Training.

The main topics of the meetings will be:

General Assembly

· Election of the Host Country for the 2018 Competition

· Call for applications to be the Host Country of the General Assembly 2019

· Call for applications to be the Host Country for the 2020 Competition

· WorldSkills Action Plan

Technical Committee Meeting

· Skills for the Competition WSA2018

· Technical Descriptions

· Test Projects

· Chief Experts

· Discussion Forum

· Experts Training

Leaders Forum

· Technology and Vocational Training

The General Assembly and the Leaders' Forum will also serve the special purpose of bringing together Political, Educational and Business Leaders in support of WorldSkills Argentina.

The Leaders Forum will be attended by such names as:

His Excellency Mauricio Macri - President of the Republic of Argentina

Mr. Jorge Triaca - Minister of Labor, Employment and Social Security of the Argentine Nation

Ms. Soledad Acuña - Minister of Education of the City of Buenos Aires

Mr. Conrado Reinke - Under Secretary for Employment and Vocational Training Policies

Mr. Simon Bartley - President of WorldSkills International

Mr. Rafael Lucchesi - President of WorldSkills Americas

Mr. Vagner Nunes - (ISC) ²

Mr. Fernando Vargas Züñiga - ILO-CINTERFOR

Mr. Juarez Guerra - Finder Brazil and Finder Argentina

Mr. Walter Bello - Ford Argentina

Mr. Alejandro Weinstein - WorldSkills Chile

Mr. Hugo Molina - Chamber of Construction of Argentina

WorldSkills Americas would like to thank the UOCRA Foundation for graciously hosting this event and the Ministry of Labor, Employment and Social Security of Argentina for providing the Venue, thus contributing to the promotion of Vocational Education in throughout the Americas.