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Leaders Forum Presentations 2014

25 November 2016


Leaders Forum - WorldSkills Americas Bogotá 2014

Presentation of all speakers for download

"Inspiring Excellence:

Challenges of Professional Training in Latin America in the XXI Century"

DAY 1: THURSDAY, APRIL 3rd, 2014

8:00–9:00: Forum Opening Ceremony:

Gina Parody DEchenoa, General Director SENA

Rafael Pardo, Minister of Labor Colombia

Rafael Lucchesi, President WorldSkills Americas

Angela Escallón, Executive Director Corona Foundation

9:00–10:15: Panel 1: Scope and role of skills competitions as a strategy to improve quality of professional training.

9:00–9:30: Speaker

David Hoey, CEO WorldSkills Internacional – Presentation, Video

9:30–10:30: Open discussion: Moderator: Gina Parody DEchenoa - SENA

Rafael Lucchesi, President WorldSkills Americas

Jos de Goey, President WorldSkills Europe

Terry Cooke, former Chair WorldSkills Canada

Mark Callaghan, CEO WorldSkills Australia

Truong Chi Nguyen, Deputy Director General, Ministry of Labour, Invalids & Social Affairs, Vietnam (host of WorldSkills ASEAN 2014)

11:00–12:30: Panel 2: Contributions of technical & technological education to economic productivity

11:00–11:30: Speaker

Young-Sup Choi, General Director at research office on employment and skills development, Krivet, South Korea.

11:30–12:30: Open Discussion: Moderator: Ángela Escallón Emiliani, Executive Director Corona Foundation

Siv Hilde Lindsrom, Analyst in the OECD Skills Strategy

Young-Sup Choi, General Director at Research Office on employment and skills development, Krivet, South Korea.

Fernando Vargas, VET expert, CINTERFOR, International Labor Organization.

Jaime Caicedo, Business Manager, Ingredion Colombia S.A.

13:30 -15:30 p.m. Panel 3: The role of basic and socio-emotional skills in technical and technological education

13:30–14:30: Videoconference

Charles Fadel, founder and chairman of the Center for Curriculum Redesign and co- author of the bestseller "21st Century Skills - Learning for Life in Our Times"

14:30-15:30: Open Discussion: Moderator: Maa Victoria Angulo, Entrepreneurs for

Education Foundation

Horacio Álvarez Marinelli, Education Expert, BID

• Gobernación de Antioquia.

• Deborah Hughes Hallett, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Arizona and

Adjunct Professor of Public Policy at the Harvard Kennedy School

• Mónica López, HR Delivery Manager

15:30- 16:00: Inspirational Talk: Héctor Jiménez-Bravo, colombian chef and

SENA graduated

16:00–17:00: Competition visit

DAY 2: FRIDAY, APRIL 4th, 2014

8:00–9:30 a.m. Panel 4: The role of technical & technological education in innovation and technological development

8:00–8:30: Rafael Lucchesi, General Director SENAI Brasil.

8:30–9:30: Open Discussion: Moderator: David Escobar Arango, General

Manager at Educational Parks, Antioquia

Daniel Yuste, General Director at DesignIt

Jean-Claude Charlet, Schoolab Founder, Director CPi, ESSEC Business School, Entrepreneur. – Presentation, Video

Manuel José Carvajal, Innovation VP Carvajal

Ramón Antonio Toro Pulgarín, General Director at INTEGRA S.A.

10:00–12:30a.m. Panel 5: How to improve the relevance of technical and technological education?

10:00–10:25: Conference 1:

Felipe Child, Senior Project Manager, McKinsey

10:25–10:50: Conference 2:

Juan Camilo Montes Pineda, General Manager at Productive Transformation


10:50–11:15: Conference 3:

Lesley Davies, Standard and Skills expert at Pearson – Panel, Private Sector Human Talent

11:15–11:40: Conference 4:

Idionis Perez, General Director INFOTEP, Dominican Republic

11:40–12:30: Open Discussion: (Moderator: Natalia Ariza. Training Director, SENA)

12:30–13:00 Closing Activity

Fundación  Corona Participation